We have been manufacturing and refurbishing harnesses for use in extreme conditions for more than 30 years.


Using only top quality approved components, all our harnesses are manufactured by hand and fully inspected and tested under a quality management system complying with ISO 9001.


Our clients include engine manufacturers, rail industry contractors, motor sport companies, the MOD, and a wide range of transport, industrial, commercial and agricultural businesses.


With a team of dedicated staff we go the extra mile to help resolve in-service problems. We can advise on modifications and improvements to help extend your existing harness life or increase the time between refurbishment.


Our on-site facilities include harness washing, drying ovens, degreasing units, shot blasting equipment, paint spray booth, automatic testing equipment with full printouts and fully equipped workshop for harness manufacture.


Choose NAPS wiring harnesses for quality, reliability and peace of mind.


Do you have a harness to renew or refurbishment as part of a contract you are competing for? Give us a call to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

New Harnesses Manufactured or Old Refurbished

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